(Communications BOO Set Up, Rescue Systems II, FEMA and Communications Work Group)


SB-3614 Telephone Switch  (NSN 5805-01-032-1694/5805-01-216-0887)

SB-3614 Switchboard setup in BOO. This particular set up has tow incoming CO lines and
six telephone sets in the base of operations.  Headset in foreground is for incoming calls.
Switchboard can use either military telephone instruments or commercially available telephone
sets.  WD Field wire spool shown in background.  Switchboard has 30 line capacity.

AMSC Satcom

AMSC Satellite telephone terminal.

Mobile HF Radio

GRC-215 Manpack mounted in a mobile adapter in M1009 Blazer.  Telephone on
top is connected to SB3614 switchboard in BOO.  GE Phoenix on dashboard is
VHF radio used for communications with sponsoring agency during deployment as
well as vehicle to vehicle during convey operations.

Micom 2E

Motorola Commercial (Micom 2E) HF radio being evaluated for US&R

AS-2259/GR ANTENNA (NSN 5985-00-106-6130)

AS-2259 NVIS Antenna mounted on Chevrolet Blazer.  Note four radials emanating
from top of feedline/mast.

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