MARCH 9&10, 2001

MATF-01 conducted a winter exercise on March 9 and 10 to demonstrate the use of Urban Search and Rescue techniques in a cold weather environment.  The scenario consisted of two below grade victims in a chemically contaminated environment.  Entry teams required supplied air for all operations.  One team used a airline supplied system and one team used Scott 4.5 self contained breathing apparatus.  The Army's Natick Laboratories supplied the team with samples of the experimental ECWCS/Chem/bio protective ensemble.  This new one piece garment is slated to replace the current carbon lined MOP gear.  This gear is slated to be used by some DoD elements at the 2002 winter Olympics.  Three days prior to the drill, the area received a March Noreaster which dumped 16" of wet snow on the ground.  During the beginning of the exercise a second storm hit the area and dropped an additional 6 inches of snow.

Team Photo

Rescue team member at far right has new ECWCS/Chem Bio clothing, and is preparing to enter confined space
with self contained breathing apparatus.

"B" Squad discusses rescue techniques.

Rescue Team Manager reviews Squad "A" progress.

Rescue Squad "A" prepares to ventilate confined space.

Rescue Squad "B" assembles equipment on tarps prior to initiating rescue.

Squad "B" prepares for 2nd entry.

Squad "A" pays out line to team member in confined space.

Rescue Squad "A" Officer discuss strategy.

Logistics team members utilized 4X4 "Mule" to deliver supplies over the snow.

On left are TEMPER tents utilized for sleeping.  Note 400,000 BTU GED portable heater with duct work
leading into front of rear tent.  Portable light tower is just to left of heater..

Rehab in Cache at end of exercise.

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