Part 1

The MATF-01 Task Force was given a complete modular classroom to use at the training site
located at the Beverly Airport.  Conditions of the donation required the Task Force to remove the 53 X 28 ft
classroom as well as a similar classroom that was connected to it.  The school department paid to transfer the
second classroom to the bus storage facility to be used as dispatch center for the school department.  Because
the school was being turned over to a contractor for renovations on July 1st, the Task Force had one weekend
to accomplish the job.  Friday June 23rd was spent dismantling the classrooms adding tires and tongues and
making them road worthy.  Saturday the 24th was spent transporting the classrooms and reassembling them on site.

Command table at BOO, which was in front of classrooms.

Structural Specialist Alan Fisher explains use of Hillman rollers used to seperate buildings.

Interconnecting corrider between classrooms is removed.

Buildings are jacked equally at 6 points.  Note reinforcing plate(s) that are added to frame (above jack) to
insure light guage beam is not damaged or fails during jacking.

Photo showing removal of connecting roof.

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