July 30/31, 1999 Night Exercise
Conducted from 16:00 30-JUL-99 to 12:00 31-JUL-99 at the MATF-01 training site at Beverly Airport.

The crew the morning after in front of the cache.

Squad loads the Mule at the cache for transportation to below grade scenario.

TF member cuts metal grating out of vertical shaft with exothermic torch.

After grating is removed TF member is lowered into bunker below.

After clearing tunnel canine begins search of "parking garage" scenario.

Fresh air is supplied to team working garage scenario.

Search team member uses "Snake Eye" fiber optic device to pinpoint victim.

TF member serves as tender on supplied air line.

Team members lower equipment in chamber below.

TFL Clendenin, RTM Giunta and IST OPS Parker confer in mess tent.

Members prepare to extract rescue spec from below grade.

M. Bates prepares to descend into shaft to begin oxyacetylene cutting.

Squad members watch cutting operation.